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Male rape victim talks about why he finds male rape funny at the Atomic Vaudeville Cabaret in June of 2012.

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I fight Rape Culture because
When I told my ex boyfriend about my rape
He ‘forgave’ me.

I fight Rape Culture because
I saw my baby sister age overnight
As she told me about her best friend getting molested.

I fight Rape Culture because
My closest friend was abused as a child
And he told nobody but me.
It took him 13 years to open up.

I fight Rape Culture because
My friends admit to letting their partners fuck them when they don’t want it
Then laugh it off as typical male behaviour.

I fight Rape Culture because
Saying that you’re raping someone is perfectly acceptable
If you’re playing a video game.

I fight Rape Culture because
Men tell me they are insulted when women walking in front of them start to walk faster.
As if their ego is more important than our safety.

I fight Rape Culture because
If I tell somebody their rape joke isn’t funny
I am told that I’m uptight.

I fight Rape Culture because
It won’t die out
Unless we kill it ourselves.

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We are teaching girls to make themselves smaller to pad the ego of boys. We are teaching boys to feel inferior and devastated if they fall short to a girl. On average, women still make less than men despite decades of publicity surrounding this fact. Dress code bans in schools cite not inappropriate female clothing, but instead the distracting impact it has on the boys who look at these outfits. We tell young girls that if a boy is mean to her, it probably means he likes her. We tell a boy who missed a routine ground ball at second base that he’s playing like a girl. We teach girls how to protect themselves against rape without attempting prevention for the other side of attacks. We continue to debate the legitimacy of conditions surrounding a rape rather than acknowledge a “no means no” policy. We are markedly more concerned when our sons want to play with dolls than when our daughters want to play with trucks. It is the 21st century. Why are we still stuck here?”

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Married life with Ellen and Portia.


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being a feminist is like trying to fix a giant hole in the wall and discovering that the entire wall is rotting and filled with termites and you have a lot more work to do than you thought you did


"and furthermore if you insult my wall again I’ll rape and kill you"

The only way to fix the problem is to tear down the house and build a new one.

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i’m in love with peter pan. 

you forgot my favorite one

Ah, damnit Internet, you made me cry before breakfast.

Now I want to be Peter Pan when I grow up. Which is confusing on multiple levels…

I love him so.


"that’ll take you somewhere weird" bless him 

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Colbie Caillat’s new song “Try”…a self-acceptance anthem.

Please watch this. Don’t just listen.

Fucking Brilliant.
The diversity in this is lovely too!

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Weight should be like virginity.
Once you lose it you can’t get it back.

Ohhhh. I thought you were gonna say “Weight should be like virginity: a societal ideal by which we shouldn’t measure our personal worth.”


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"What would your 7 year old self say if she saw you politely refusing your favorite flavor of ice cream.
(Mint chocolate chip goes best with warm summer nights)
What would she think if she knew you drank coffee black.
(You use to tell your mom it tasted like gasoline)
Skipped breakfast.
(Your dad made pancakes every Sunday morning)
Ran until your lungs couldn’t take in oxygen fast enough.
(No one is chasing you anymore)
Counting every calorie.
(You never liked math)
What would she say if she saw you hating yourself ."
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